Call to Action – Support our Mission to Help Restore Puerto Rico!

By purchasing flat rate printing products, future print credits, or a special, custom project, a portion of the profits will be used to help restore Puerto Rico. Specifically, after Hurricanes Irma and Maria, there are many abandoned buildings in Puerto Rico that we want to demolish and make the lots available for future development.

The Problem


abandoned buildings

Residential & commercial
  • Uninhabitable
  • Unsafe
  • Attracts Rats and Vermin
  • Trash Dumping Ground
  • Gangs and Drug Use
  • Depressing for Neighbors
  • Hurts Tourism



The Solution


restoration project

acquisition & demolition

Step 1 – Acquire Properties

Step 2 – Purchase 1 Dump Truck, 1 Trailer, 3 Bobcats, and Concrete Crusher

Step 3 – Obtain permit to tear down

Step 4 – Use dynamite or front-end loader to collapse concrete structure to ground

Step 5 – Break up into manageable pieces of concrete / steel

Step 6 – Using trucks – haul these to an offsite location

– Separate steel and concrete
– Crush concrete to be recycled and store in yard (offsite location)



The Future


the goal

Beautify & encourage growth

Upon demolition of an abandoned structure, fencing will be placed around the lot, with some colorful flowers on the fencing, and the property will be sold for future development. This will accomplish:

  • Removal of unsafe structures
  • Beautify neighborhoods that have not received any attention after the hurricanes
  • Make areas more appealing to encourage tourism
  • Make properties ready for future development
  • Provide compassion and encouragement to the people living near these properties

The goal is to start with demolition of small buildings and grow into larger buildings.