purchase Future Print Credits



Does your company do a lot of printing?

Do you want to spend your print budget before the end of the fiscal year?

Do you want to produce one purchase order and make one payment?

Do you have projects that you produce on a regular basis?

Do you want to save 10% off of our industry-standard flat rate printing products?

Do you want to commit to supporting our mission in Puerto Rico?


If you answered yes to any of the above questions then purchasing print credits for future printing may be a good option for you. How it works:


  • Review your printing needs
  • Write a purchase order for the amount of print credits to meet your print needs
  • Pay the amount of the print credits to Flat Rate Projects
  • Receive a confirmation from Flat Rate Projects
  • Send one or more print projects at one time or separately utilizing your print credits
  • Receive your quality-printed project 
  • That’s it!!


Purchasing future print credits from Flat Rate Projects makes your job Easy Peezy!!